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Hotel, Budva, Černá Hora

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Unique tourist complex is for sale in a quiet suburb Markovichi of the city Budva. The complex includes restaurant, a wine-vault, a small nightclub, open stone terraces that are perfect for outdoor recreation, parking. The complex is 6 km fae from the sea.

The total area of the complex is 746 m2, the area of parcelt is 1806 m2.

The complex was built in 2008. It`s build of natural materials: stone and wood, that gives the complex a special cozy atmosphere. Moreover, the walls are 2 m wide that helps to keep coolness inside in summer and warmth in winter.

The complex is surrounded by a lot of greenery, on its territory there are a river descending from the mountains, an old mill and fountains dating from the early 20th century. Mountain and sea air mix here and make the stay in the complex not only pleasant, but healthy also.

The object is supplied with city water and electricity, the accommodation equipped with underfloor heating.

The object has great potential: it is possible to build 3 more floors and an attic, to build a swimming pool.

The complex is perfect for use as a recreational facility.


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