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Located on the Zavala peninsula, in the heart of bustling Budva Riviera in Montenegro, this complex is considered one of the best elite residential complexes in the Mediterranean region. Featuring lush vegetation and facing to the sea coast, the complex is spread in front of the charming old town of Budva, pledged in the 15th century. It offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the island of Sveti Nikola, which has retained its original beauty. 
Complex consists of 36 exclusive coastal residences with 202 elegant, modern apartments . Each residence, built in accordance with the highest international standards, has a spacious living space outdoors. Luxury interior decoration of apartments - fr om built-in kitchens, superb fixtures and plumbing to high-end home appliances - performed at the highest level, and its design was developed with increased attention to quality and detail. 
Each residence in complex is equipped with a super-modern security system "smart home" that can be controlled remotely via a personal device, available at each property owner. Lighting and climate control in each apartment, as well as multimedia systems, security systems and video surveillance systems can be easily adjusted using a smartphone or tablet. 
Offering excellent infrastructure of a five star hotel, complex simultaneously provides for its residents an exceptional personal service. At the disposal of guests is a concierge team working around the clock and are ready to fulfill any request - fr om property management and its content, to the organization of various activities and excursions, as well as the implementation of the reservation. This service gives apartment owners more free time when they are in residence, as well as ensures the safety and integrity of each apartment, while nobody lives in it. 
 Located near the ancient fortress walls of the Old Town of Budva, only 100 meters fr om the complex or two minute boat ride away from its marina - one of the best marinas in Montenegro. The harbor has 300 places to dock here can moor yachts up to 70 meters in length and is a member of The Club Club in 1782, bringing together the best luxury marina of the world, serviced by Camper & Nicholsons. 
Beach Lounge is located within the complex, a stylish restaurant with a modern design, wh ere you with pleasure will be offered exquisite dishes from a seasonal menu of local and continental cuisine and a wine list with wines from around the world. You will appreciate the professional service and beautiful panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea.  
Residents of the complex are members of the most stylish coastal Montenegrin Beach Club: at their disposal, deck chairs, sun umbrellas, personal beach houses, a full service from the beach staff, DJs and rescue, as well as a daily menu and a wide selection of cocktails, wines and liquor.  Known throughout the world for its picturesque nature, soaring in the clouds mountain peaks, combined with a spectacular Adriatic coast, Montenegro - a country with a rich cultural heritage, which had an impact on several centuries of foreign rule by the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Historical prints left in this small country of countless conquerors, can be traced in the surviving their sophistication of Venetian architecture of the city of Budva, Perast, Sveti Stefan and Kotor, as well as clusters of quaint fishing villages that stretch along the entire coast of the country.  
Filled with wonderful surprises, rural landscapes of Montenegro can be compared to the alpine village with a tourist card, surrounded by pure nature, wh ere your eyes open mountains with their ski slopes, glacial lakes and nature reserves. At the same time, Montenegro can be carefree elegant, how it should be Adriatic coast, sparkling its stylish towns, wh ere dinner of fresh seafood perfectly with the wonderful wines of the region. Here you can admire numerous sailing regattas or take part in cultural events, watch Boat Show or visit the cultural fair - such events are regularly held in the historic coastal towns on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. 
Budva Riviera, with its extensive sandy beaches, occupying the central part of the picturesque coast of the country, is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the Adriatic. Today, the Old Town, the historic quarter of Budva and its majestic citadel, preserved from the XV century, is surrounded by modern coastal development and has all the necessary infrastructure of the resort. Here lined up rows of boutiques, bars, cafes, restaurants and regularly carried out large amounts of a wide variety of seasonal events and festivals - why Budva enjoys a well deserved reputation as the most vibrant resort cities of the country. 
Budva has a perfect location and is easily accessible, since the city is in close proximity to two international airports and by the Adriatic Sea and the city marina provides full service for yachts. From here you can go for a ride by car or boat to enjoy the spectacular views and visit the many attractions of the country, among which are the charming fishing villages, deserted coves, places that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, lakes, national parks, ski resorts, as well as all a stunning natural landscape in Montenegro.


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