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Apartment, Bijela, Černá Hora

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Apartments for sale in a region of Herceg Novi-Bijela. Total building area is 3300 m² with 9 individual houses built on it, each with approximate area of 300 m². Each house has 3 apartments with separate views on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. 

The road provides transport fares fr om highway to parking lot of each house and pedestrians can use the shortest and very convenient passage to the beach. Lot contains swimming pool, summer terrace, planted decorative and fruit trees and laid lawn. Provided external lighting of the lot, video surveillance and other necessary facilities and engineering communication convert building area into unique complex of houses.  

Architecture of houses is in Mediterranean-style with open balconies, wide windows, spacious interior and compulsory sea view. External decoration is made of high-strength stone, frame and foundation – reinforced concrete structures. 

All of the houses are connected to external urban facilities and wire connections. All of the apartments are provided with plumbing, electric oven and other equipment providing delivery of "turnkey" facility.  

The area has all the necessary infrastructure for permanent residence: it is located close to the site (50 meters), on the waterfront there are located:local cuisine restaurant, many coffee shops.Within walking distance from the housesthere is a supermarket and a fresh seafood store, an Italian restaurant and market. In terms of nightlife Biela is a little bit conservative, residents prefer walking or visiting coffee shops on the waterfront. Center of cultural life in the region is Herceg Novi (5 km): city wh ere music and art festivals are hosted, and which is considered to be center of Orthodox Slavic. 

The area – Bijelais located on the shores of Boka-Kotorska in its picturesque south - eastern part.For travelers who prefer to travel actively,Bijela - a real discovery. The main urban centers of the Gulf are within a comfortable car trip or even walking along the coast. Distance from Bijela:Herceg Novi - 5 km, Kotor - 39 km Tivat Airport - 9 km. The population of the area - 5000 people. In the summer, of course, it increases up to 15 thousand. However, Bijela, unlike Budva, Ucinj or Herceg Novi does not produce the impression of a tourist center, living an active life. Despite the availability of decent infrastructure,comfortable hotels, restaurants, beaches and yachts create an image of modern Bijela.


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