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House, Zagradje, Černá Hora

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Villa for sale in Bar, Zagradje. The distance from the sea is 550 m. The house has a total area of ​​233 m2, and it is located on a plot of land - 385 m2. House has 3 floors.

The house is built according to monolithic brick technology with natural stone and facade decoration in modern Mediterranean style. The main advantage of this technology is the uniqueness of the building; the project is expressive and individual in its architectural style. Panoramic glazing of terraces is made in Schueco aluminum sliding constructions with energy-saving double-glazed windows. Facade facing is made in a combination of granular plaster and natural stone.

The interior decoration is made of natural materials: wood, travertine, metal, glass. Together they form the basis of the Mediterranean style, which, above all, is associated with the sea and the sun and tranquility. Furniture is made by order, especially for this interior solution.

The house is equipped with:
• Central water supply;
• Floor heating in bathrooms;
• Eco-friendly electric heaters Noirot (France);
• Systems of video surveillance;
• Night illumination of the house;
• TV;
 • Air conditioning, climate control

The house has five bedrooms, each with its own terrace, a spacious living room, two kitchens and three bathrooms, as well as a garage for one car and a parking space.

Outdoor swimming pool is available for enjoying.

The space around the house is organized on the principle of "Eco-villa" and planted with fruit trees: walnut, figs, and mandarin trees. On the veranda a natural shadow is created by kiwi and grapes.


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