Houses for sale in Ivanovići, Bečići.
The area of ​​the house is 309m2, the base is about 115m2, and the area of ​​the plot on which the house is located is 194.64m2.
House plan:
· basement - bathroom, kitchen with dining room, room (40.68m2)
· ground floor - living room combined with dining room and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces (90.67m2)
· first floor - living room combined with dining room and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, one bathroom (90.59m2)
· second floor – 2 separate units, both with the same layout. They look like studio apartments. Living room combined with kitchen and dining room, bathroom with shower and common terrace of almost 10m2. (38 + 39m2 + terrace 10m2)
The house has been built, the second floor and the basement are completely finished, while the ground floor and the first floor are still under construction.
Each unit can have its own connection for electricity, water and internet.
The house is connected to city and village water (only during July and August there is no water)
The hatch is made of 7 layers.
The external stairs are made of marble.
Each floor has air conditioning.
There is parking for 3 cars in front of the house. From the first floor and the attic there is a view of the sea.
There is a shop, a cafe nearby, and the sea is 1100m from the house.

Adriatic Real

Realitní kancelář Adriatic Real s.r.o. specializující se na zprostředkování koupě nemovitosti na jadranském pobřeží Chorvatska a Černé Hory.
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